100 Consulting

Your Next One Hundred Cities. Today.

We take funded startups with heavy ground operations international.

We launch and grow new cities, massively expanding fleets. We hire incredible teams. We build ground operations that run like well-oiled machines.

We've done it before in every continent (ok, except Antarctica) with leading companies like Lyft, Groupon, Wind, and others.

We don't stop at telling you what to do in slides: we actually execute. For us, that's the fun bit.

Let's build your company next.


We've launched, grown, and optimised hundreds of cities for companies in ride-sharing, mobility, and e-commerce.

As executives in and consultants to funded startups (between us Wind, Lyft, Groupon, and Rakuten), we have solved the same recurring problems:

  • How can we launch to more cities?

  • How can we grow our suppliers or fleet?

  • How can we optimise inefficient local ground operations?


We've launched to cities in Asia, the US, Australia, and Europe, building experience in what to think about and where to get the right supporting data, and how to execute.

We've grown fleets of bicycles, rental cars, scooters to tens of thousands.

And we've optimised ground operations, building profitable cities in an era of perennially loss-making "unicorns".

Basically, we've learned a lot of lessons before, and are ready to apply them to your company.

What We Do

We help funded startups that are heavy in physical ops — like ride-sharing, vehicle-sharing, and e-commerce — grow internationally, and optimise their global operations.

We use our experience in growth and our proprietary data sets to not just decide where you should grow, but do it for you. We'll open the cities, hire the management teams, and get your first local customers.

Beyond that, we're all "people" people. For us, culture is everything. We hire teams that don't just bark on demand but who love doing what they do for the sake of their teams.

For this reason, we work with clients who are also people people. Growth isn't fun if it comes at the expense of people's lives.

The Team

Matthew "Turzo" Turzo

Managing Director

  • Hires outstanding teams

  • Launches new cities

  • Builds organisations

  • Flies airplanes

Matthew was COO Europe at Wind, where he launched and grew the scooter fleet to 5,000 scooters in 15 countries.

Previously, Matthew ran national operations departments at Lyft and Groupon including fleet management, compliance, customer service, and sales.

Matthew has an MBA from Imperial College of London, is a private pilot, and speaks three languages, including Mandarin Chinese.

Dana "Hoosh" Hooshmand


  • Optimises everything

  • Builds tech platforms

  • Thrives in chaos

  • Fixes motorcycles

Dana has consulted to mobility and ride-sharing startups for two years.

Previously, Dana ran Retail Operations for Lyft, managing 750 team members and over 200 sites nationally. He developed the culture, strategy, and even software that became the foundation for Lyft's ground operations today.

Prior to that, Dana launched and ran several e-commerce startups was GM Revenue Ops for Groupon in China, and was a consultant for Bain & Company.

Dana has lived in 20 countries, can deadlift a motorcycle, and speaks nine languages — so far.

Michael "Ed" Schmidt

Head of Analytics

  • Develops global strategy

  • Builds analytical foundations

  • Creates company systems

  • Spins vinyl

Ed is COO Global and CEO Europe at Wind, where he built and led the company from scratch to maturity.

Prior to that, he was Senior VP of Operations at Rakuten, running analytics operations projects for the global company.

Previously, Ed was a Europe-wide and national operations department head at Groupon.

Ed holds an MA in Economics and speaks four languages. At one point, Ed ran a nightclub in Beijing, and still DJs on demand.

Contact Us

We're still building out our website.

In the meantime, you can email us for more information about our rates. Think "what we'd pay to hire these people, plus a percentage to account for the fact that they're contractors".

Hope to talk soon.